13 Tips for Decorating Your Apartment for Summer

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Summer has its own energy.

Sunshine and vibrant colors, the warm sun on your skin. So why not bring that to your apartment? We put together some tips to bring the energy of summer inside.

Citrus to Accentuate

Oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, and more. Any of these colorful fruits can make a room feel more bright and summery. Set a bowl of them on the counter or table. You’ll see what we mean.

Bedding with a Breeze

Give the feel of breezy and cool by putting away the heavy comforter and switching to linen sheets. Light blues, yellows, and pinks can brighten a bedroom.

Floral Design

A mix of colors, floral art, fabrics, and more can bring the outside, inside. Accentuate a floral painting with your favorite plant, or add some colorful pillows and a bouquet to your couch and coffee table.

Put a Bar Cart on the Patio

A weatherproof bar cart with your favorite summer glasses, liquors, liqueurs, and more can be very inviting to guests who come over in the summertime. Entertain in style and easy by being prepared.

Make the Color Pop!

Create contrast with white backgrounds and colorful art. Bring out colorful napkins and white placemats. Make darks a little darker and then brighten everything else.

Swap Out Heavy Window Treatments

Lose the big, heavy drapes for lighter, see-through curtains. Long, flowy, whites, light colors, or yellows. 

You can do the same outside on the patio to give a beach house vibe. 

Bring the Sea Shells Home

Create an oceanic vibe by adding a shell motif. Add in beachy towels, a bright shower curtain, shells around a coral centerpiece, and bright whites.

Paint the Mismatched Patio Furniture

Take some cloudy blues, yellows, or oranges and paint the patio furniture. You can easily turn brown or white into a summer day. 

Lamp Shades of Summer

Take those white or darker lampshades and swap them for some color. Display a bouquet of white flowers next to a yellow lampshade or bright flowers next to a lighter white lampshade. Remember, the sun creates contrast.

Map It Out

Summer screams travel and vacation. Take an old map of your hometown, or some places you want to go, and frame it. Hang it in the study, office, mudroom, or bedroom.

Daybeds and Colorful Pillows

Welcome people to feel comfortable by putting vibrant sheets and colorfully patterned pillows on a couch, futon, or daybed. Even better if it’s outside under a canopy.

Hanging Plants

Give the feel of a summer frame by hanging plants on your patio. Rather than taking up space on your tables, the plants give you a feel of being framed by nature, indoors or out.

Fire Pits and Chimineas

Nothing screams summer like campfires. Bring it to your yard or patio by adding a fire pit, surrounded by beachy chairs and small wooden side tables or logs.

How do you bring the feel of summer to your home? Tell us in the comments!

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