4 Fun Things to Do In Palatine – Summer and Beyond

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If you’re familiar with Chicago or thinking of visiting the area, the suburbs aren’t to be ignored. Palatine, Illinois is located just outside of northwest Chicago, and it’s known for its parks and nature as well as vibrant community events. If you’re visiting the area, there are many great things you can do. 

1. Walk around the Downtown Palatine Street Fest

The Downtown Palatine Street Fest is a great event that occurs in the summertime. It’s completely free to attend the fest, although the different food trucks and retailers there charge separately for their products. The festival is a great opportunity to see the town if you’re unfamiliar, and you’ll get to see some great live music that plays throughout the day. The Kids Zone also has fun activities like face painting, games, and bubblers. 

Address: Downtown Palatine

Website: Downtown Palatine Street Fest

2. Work as a team at the No Escape Room

The No Escape Room is a great activity to do in Palatine, especially if it’s raining or too hot outside to walk around. After booking your room, you and your group will be stuck inside a mock police station under the scenario that you have been jailed wrongfully and need to escape. Using teamwork, clues, and riddles, you’ll need to escape within the time limit. These escape rooms have been popping up throughout the country and serve as a great, fun activity where you can bond with your group and use your brain! Prices range depending on your group size, which can be two people up to nine.

Address: 1501 W Dundee Rd, Suite 103, 60089 Buffalo Grove, IL

Website: No Escape Room

3. Explore nature at Deer Grove Forest Preserve

Deer Grove Forest Preserve offers the perfect opportunity to surround yourself with nature, whether you’re well-seasoned in plants and wildlife, or you’re simply looking for a relaxing stroll. The preserve offers 1,800 acres (729 hectares) of hiking, fishing, and picnic areas, campgrounds, and bird-watching spots. The nature at Deer Grove includes wetlands and prairies full of woodland wildflowers, salamanders, and chorus frogs, and many native and migrating birds. Keep in mind that the preserve is big, and you’ll probably have to plan which parking lot to go to before you leave.

Address: 1599 Pepper Tree Dr, 60067 Palatine, IL 

Website: Deer Grove Forest Preserve

4. Spend a day thrifting at Wolff’s Flea Market

Thankfully, the Wolff’s Flea Market at Palatine is open year-round on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The flea market is in a heated/air-conditioned building, so you’ll never be uncomfortable while you’re shopping, and there’s also free parking available. The vendors at the flea market offer fresh produce, antiques, and new merchandise. Admission is only 1 USD for adults and 0.5 USD for seniors and children. 

Address: 1775 N. Rand Rd., 60074 Palatine, IL

Website: Wolff’s Flea Market

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